Top 5 London Staircases

1. The Ned

The Ned Staircase by Belinda Jiao Photography

Located at Poultry, The Ned is a newly renovated hotel. I was greeted by the bell boys warmly as I walked through the main entrance, immediately embraced by the relaxing ambiance inside. The band was playing jazz music while waiters and bartenders busily tended to visitors.

If you walk past the band and turn right, you will see a lift lounge. Go all the way up to the top floors and start searching for the back stairs! Since the hotel has a couple of wings, it might not be that  straightforward to navigate. If in doubt, you can always ask one of the staff about the staircase! That was exactly what I did and I was cordially shown where to look for it.


2. One Exchange Square

One Exchagne Square by Belinda Jiao Photography

This modern staircase is found in One Exchange Square, directly opposite to St. Paul’s Cathedral. It was given the cold blue-black color, which effortlessly created a mysterious, dark feeling to visitors. Despite not consisting of many spirals as you might have expected, it is still, nevertheless, capable of creating immensely powerful shots when people subjects come into play. One Exchange Square is a popular tourist destination in London because of its proximity to the Cathedral, and a rooftop bar/ viewing spot overseeing central London. The staircase is also surrounded by shopping areas, driving more people to the building. With some patience, photographers will be able to catch moments when the crowd fades, obtaining stunning pictures of the staircase.

3. Heal’s

Heal’s Staircase by Belinda Jiao Photography

Heal’s department store on Tottenham Court Road is home to this stunning staircase shown on the right. What makes this staircase extraordinary is that it has giant beads hung from the highest floor all over to the bottom. One really fascinating thing is that the beads are of various sizes, adding perspective to the look-up view. With minimal editing, the picture already comes out really stunning, with the the beads lit up in mildly warm yellow lights. The decoration is an accurate representation of the design style of Heal’s, which never fails to bring a futuristic touch to its products. On the day I went, there was a round table placed at the bottom of the staircase, which had a perfectly reflective and even surface. It will be cool to shoot some reflection shots as well, making good use of the table!

4. Premier Inn Blackfriars

Premier Inn Blackfriars by Belinda Jiao Photography

Serving as the main passageway of Premier Inn, the staircase shown on the left spirals in ovals. Adding to its sophisticated outlook, the extra handlebars create an intriguing patternas the staircase spirals upwards. Surprisingly, the asymmetry makes the repetition more interesting to the eye than it would have without the extra bars. This staircase gives off a classy atmosphere in the hotel.




5. Tate Modern

Tate Modern Staircase by Belinda Jiao Photography

As shown on the right, this curvy, white staircase is located in Tate Modern, Blackfriars London. It has an interesting curvature which gives it a wavy outlook seen from afar. You will find it easily as it is one of the major passageways between various exhibitions across various levels so do stop by to snap a picture! Although it might seem dull in itself, adding a subject in front would be a great idea as the minimal background acts as a perfect backdrop. The way it is constructed creates a sense of spaciousness together with other structures which are of the same clean, light architectural style that is consistent across the entire building.

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